If you want to raise awareness of conflict and transform your organisation's responses to conflict, EQ8 Workplace Mediation offers tailor-made training packages in:

  • conflict awareness

  • skills for workplace mediation

  • effective listening

  • negotiation

  • using conflict positively

The Newest Edition to our suite of training packages is:

Handling Difficult Conversations

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Conflict coaching is a service pioneered by EQ8 Workplace Mediaton whereby  through individual meetings a Mediator helps the client to identify the source and effect of theirconflict; understand their part in it and identify ways forward to improve  their working relationship, even utilising conflict as an opportunity.


Conflict Coaching combines mediation, conflict analysis, person centred counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming and coaching techniques.


Community mediation is about supporting neighbours to work out their differences in order to continue to live near each other as harmoniously as possible. Parties have the opportunity to express their feelings and find mutually agreed solutions of how to move forward.


A higher education institution is a unique community, where students and staff have the opportunity to advance themselves.


Along with this great potential however is risk of conflict, and evidence shows that students are often hugely unsatisfied with their higher education experience.


The EQ8 Mediation Model addresses the unique aspects of disputes in higher education, whether these are between students, members of staff or between students and staff members.

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution, that is voluntary and non-adversarial, where parties are facilitated by an impartial mediator to understand each others' interests and needs and develop a mutually agreed solution.


EQ8 Workplace Mediation Services are effective in a range of sectors such as SMEs, multinationals, government, voluntary and community sectors.



The cost of conflict is real enough, but even so, most organisations invest little time and emphasis into conflict resolution principles and procedures, and tend to deal with conflict on an ad hoc, and even arbitrary basis.


The conflict audit is designed to support organisations of all types- businesses, corporations, voluntary and government-to ascertain the cost and type of conflict their organisation faces, and to begin developing a conflict resolution and employment mediation strategy.