As mediators we are trained to be attuned to the possibility of a 'ghost' in the mediation- the 'ghost' is not actually a party to the mediation, but their name keeps coming up in the mediation, and it becomes apparent they are able to exert significant influence on the workplace dynamics. You know you have a ghost in the mediation when the parties talk about this person often and certain issue always trace back to that person. As the ghost is not present, certain issues cannot be fully resolved.

Nevertheless there are a number of ways that a mediation can give some recognition to the ghost figure in order for the parties to understand the influence of this figure.

However, what do you do if the ghost figure is not a person, but the office cat? and there is a complex, highly emotional, entangled set of relationships as a result?

The workplace below ha shown that goodwill and a structured process, plus the value of an apology to another sentient being, can have a profoundly transformative impact for all parties, four legged and two.

A Cat Named Jorts Is Breaking The Internet After A Redditor Said They Were Accused Of 'Perpetuating Ethnic Stereotypes' About Orange Cats - Digg

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